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Chemco Industries, Inc. manufactures and markets environmentally safe cleaning, sanitizing, maintenance and water treatment chemicals to companies and institutions throughout the United States. Among Chemco's products are air fresheners and deodorants, automotive products, bathroom cleaners, carpet and floor care products, disinfectants, industrial cleaners, hand cleaners and personal care products, along with paint and paint remover as well as swimming pool and spa care products.




introA major Chemco strength is its desire to work with a company to solve a particular problem. Through its no cost production development and formulation program, Chemco can often provide a company with a solution to their cleaning or maintenance problems at a lower cost than commercially available products. The company has the ability to package the chemicals in the most economical manner suitable for a specific company's application.

Chemco has professional chemists and a technical staff available to assist your company or business in the development of environmentally safe solutions for all cleaning and maintenance needs.

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